Payday Loan Consolidation: Fast personal online loans for unemployed and bad payers

On this page you will find all the useful information regarding the loans without guarantor updated to 2019. We find out how to receive fast personal loans thanks to the mode of request completely online. Finally we will see how it is possible to obtain funding for the unemployed and bad payers, through the presentation of alternative guarantees.

Unpaid Loans 2019: how to get fast personal online loans

Unpaid Loans 2019: how to get fast personal online loans

The biggest problem to overcome in order to obtain a personal loan is without a doubt that of the guarantees required by the banks. In fact, each company requires more or less restrictive requirements that it is necessary to possess, without which it is not possible to submit the request for the desired loan. This guide is for those categories of customers who find it more difficult to get the loan they need. We are talking in particular of the unemployed and bad payers, who for different reasons are not particularly well-viewed by credit institutions. In fact, one of the guarantees that is always requested by the banks that offer personal loans is the paycheck. For this reason, employees have no particular problems in obtaining the amount they need, since the salary represents a fixed and insured entry every month, which is the ideal guarantee for the bank that must receive from the customer the monthly payment agreed.

As for the unemployed this is not possible, and for this reason there are many problems at the time of the request. The same goes for the so-called bad payers. These are those who in the past had problems in repaying a loan. Sometimes even delays in payments, if repeated, can mark the customer, who will subsequently have no difficulty in obtaining the financing he needs. The ideal solution in these cases is that of the presentation of a guarantor, which will allow you to apply for fast personal loans, even through the online request form. By presenting a relative or friend who has the necessary qualifications to have access to credit there will not be any problems obtaining the amount of money we need. In this case, in fact, it will be as if to request the loan is our guarantor, with the difference that the disbursement of the loan will take place on our current account and the repayment installments will be deducted from the same account every month. In the event that there are problems in paying the monthly installments, the bank will have the right to contact the guarantor to obtain the agreed monthly amount.

Although the presentation of a guarantor is the simplest solution to compensate for the lack of valid guarantees, it is easy to understand that unfortunately this solution is not always applicable. Not all of us have a person who is willing to guarantee for us the point of taking charge of our repayment installments in case of need. For this reason it is good to talk about loans without guarantor, very useful among others for unemployed and bad payers. Although, as we have already said, these categories of clients are not particularly well seen by the lenders, there are still some solutions that allow us to receive the desired personal loan. The solution to present the loan application without paychecks and bad payers is the presentation of alternative guarantees. Depending on the bank or the financial company we are targeting, financial products designed for any type of customer are envisaged, in order to meet the needs of all or almost all.

In particular, among the guarantees that can be presented there are, for example, the possession of real estate. In the case in which you have a house of property it is in fact possible to proceed with the mortgage of the property in order to obtain the desired financing. In this case the bank if the customer is not able to make the refund can proceed with the auction of the house to get the sum of money not refunded. Even valuables such as rings, earrings, gold necklaces and precious stones can be presented as alternative guarantees. Moreover, in order to obtain a fast loan also online it is possible to present as forms of income alternative forms to the paycheck. This is the case, for example, for pensioners, who, by presenting the pension coupon, will have access to the desired credit even if they are reported as bad payers. Another situation where you can receive loans without a guarantor is when you receive income from renting a home. In this case it will not be necessary to mortgage the house, as it will be enough to present the payments received in the previous months. In case you have valid alternative guarantees, just contact one of the major banks and financial institutions to get the financing you need.

Loans for unemployed: who to turn to and better loan options

Loans for unemployed: who to turn to and better loan options

One of the categories of clients that usually find it more difficult to obtain a personal loan is that of the unemployed. Unfortunately, to date the unemployment rate in Italy is very high and therefore we are talking about a particularly widespread situation. For this reason it is important to know the characteristics of this type of financing. What are the alternative guarantees that can be presented and who to contact to obtain the desired amount of money? The guarantees to be presented are always the same, first of all the presentation of a guarantor. As already mentioned above this is the ideal solution for all unemployed people looking for a personal loan. In this case, in fact, all the major banks and financial companies including Ultranix, Astrofinance, Cleopar, Onecredit, InDirect and not only offer their customers the opportunity to access the desired credit.

If you are interested in personal loans for unemployed people without a guarantor, then you can present some valid alternative guarantees. Among these the most quoted solution is probably the mortgage of the property. By presenting the documentation that certifies ownership of the property, it is indeed possible to access a fairly high amount. In the event that the amount you need is not particularly high, a very interesting solution is that of lien credit. This financing option allows the unemployed to receive a small loan without guarantees, simply by pledging a valuable item that can be for example a bracelet, a ring, a necklace, a watch or whatever. The only constraint is that the value of the objects left in pledge is greater than the amount requested. In this way you can get the sum of money you want, without having to lose items that can have an important emotional value, which will be kept safe from the bank that provides funding.

Finally, a particularly convenient financing solution is that of a non-repayable loan for the unemployed. This type of financing is different from classic personal loans, as it is aimed at those who are interested in carrying out a work project. In particular, in Italy there are several projects that allow unemployed young people to have access to subsidized loans. The advantage of these loans, in addition to convenience from an economic point of view, must also be sought in the guarantees to be presented. These subsidized loans are in fact assigned to those who meet the requirements defined in the announcement. The requirements will not affect the economic situation of the beneficiary, but the characteristics of the project to be implemented. Thus innovative start-ups will be financed in this way in the various sectors of the economy such as agriculture, industry, commerce and tourism. Non-repayable loans are the most convenient financing option ever, as we will only have to repay part of the total amount disbursed. For this reason it is the ideal solution for unemployed young people who want to start a new business.

Fast personal loans for housewives: which alternative guarantees to present?

Another category of customers who may have difficulty obtaining a personal loan is that of housewives. Although this category can simply be understood among the unemployed, a separate discussion is very often made. First of all, housewives are in most cases the wives of workers. Although in recent years more and more women are working, there continue to be many women who deal mainly with the home and children, whether by choice or lack of a job. Another widespread case is that of housewives who have a part-time job. In this case, the salary may not be enough to be able to present the request for the desired loan, unless the amount requested is not particularly low. In the latter case, housewives can access small personal loans, presenting a paycheck as a guarantee.

In the event that a housewife does not have a paycheck or does odd jobs with earnings that do not constitute a sufficient guarantee, then the solution may be to present her husband as a guarantor. In this case, as we have already said, there will not be any problems in receiving fast personal loans, just as if the request is an employee. For housewives, the alternative guarantees mentioned above are also valid, such as the mortgage of a property, the income deriving from renting a house or pledging credit.

Among the most interesting loans without a guarantor addressed to housewives interested in changing their working life there are also subsidized loans. Thanks also to European funds are in fact published by the various Regions of the calls to promote female entrepreneurship. The solutions offered include non-repayable loans, but also interest-free loans or low interest loans. In order to access these loans it is necessary that the company that wants to be constituted is composed for at least 60% by women. In this case, presenting a detailed business plan including the eligible expenses specified in the call for proposals, it will be possible to realize your project. This is a unique opportunity for all housewives who want to change their lives.

Loans for Bad Payers: is it possible to receive them from banks and financial institutions?

Loans for Bad Payers: is it possible to receive them from banks and financial institutions?

The last category of clients for which it is good to elaborate on personal loans is that of bad payers. The lenders have no intention of lending money to unreliable customers. The goal of the banks and financial institutions is to maximize the gains from the loans provided, but it is also to minimize the risk of default. So it is impossible to access the desired credit for bad payers? Although often there are difficulties in the request, there are cases in which the desired amount can be obtained even in a rather short time.

Those who have no difficulty in obtaining a personal loan without a guarantor, even though they have been reported as a bad payer, are employees and pensioners. The guarantee of the salary or pension received allows the bank to pass on to any problems encountered in the past with the repayment of a loan received. The solution that will allow you to access the desired amount of money is that of the assignment of the fifth. This type of loan is characterized by the fact that the monthly repayment installments can not exceed one fifth of the salary or net pension received. This guarantees light installments, which will be directly deducted from the bank that provided us with the loan. All the major banks and financial companies offer their customers the possibility to choose the assignment of the fifth.

This type of financing not only allows bad payers to access the desired credit: once the reimbursement has been completed, the customer can be canceled from the “black list” of bad payers. As for this category of customers, the sale of the fifth is undoubtedly the most quoted solution. If you do not have a paycheck then you can resort to the presentation of a guarantor, which also in this case will allow us to obtain the desired financing despite our appointment as a bad payer. The guarantor must necessarily hold an income document and must not appear on the list of bad payers. Among the financing options that are often offered to bad payers are the loans that have been changed, which are often provided by private individuals. This solution is characterized by the fact that repayment installments are bills issued by the credit institution or by the private lender. The risk is that in case of failure to pay by the expiry date (specified on the bill itself) the private person can sue us before a judge and demand the attachment of assets.



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