Payday loan consolidation: installment and estimate calculation


In the tight competition between companies offering personal loans, UriBank plays an extremely important role. So let’s see what the conditions that the company offers its customers, with a free estimate that can be requested both online and at one of the branches of the company. Finally, how to calculate the installment using the simulator available on the UriBank website.

Payday Loans: options and characteristics of loans

Payday Loans: options and characteristics of loans

If you are interested in requesting a personal loan, there are certainly opportunities and promotions that are studied every day by the various companies. One of the most convenient is UriBank, which offers excellent solutions both for mortgages for the purchase of a new home or for the renovation of a property owned as well as for personal loans, with the most disparate purposes. Regardless of the expense that we have to face, on the UriBank website we are presented many very interesting products, which allow you to receive in short time a sum that reaches up to 75,000 euros. Five solutions for personal loans are five, among which to choose based on our needs. Let’s see what are the main differences between the options studied by UriBank. Let’s analyze in detail the various personal loan options that we can access by contacting UriBank.

Credit Semper Light

Credit Semper Light is the personal loan of UriBank which has the characteristic of providing particularly light installments, as easily understood from the very name of the product. A big advantage of this type of financing is to have an interest rate that decreases over time. As reported on the website of UriBank, in particular the Tan set at the time of stipulation of the contract and equal to 7.90%, decreases starting from the third year of repayment, obviously only in the case in which there are no problems in payments. Every three years, therefore, the interest rate is reduced by 0.30%, therefore with a not insignificant saving. With Credit Semper Light it is possible to receive a sum of money ranging from € 3,000 to € 75,000, which can be repaid over a period of 36 months to 120 months.

Fixed Credit

If one of the features you are looking for for your loan is to have constant installments over the entire repayment term, then the solution offered by UriBank is for you Credit Fisso. The amount that can be requested in this case ranges from a minimum of 200 euros up to a maximum of 75,000 euros, with a duration between 12 months and 120 months. The interest rate will therefore be fixed and will be defined according to the duration chosen for repayment. A very useful service is that of ” Salto Rata “, which will allow you to skip the payment of a monthly installment every 24 months: the skipped installments will be queued, with the related interest, at the end of the repayment period.

Variable Credit

The third personal loan option offered by UriBank is the one that takes the name of Credit Variabile. The difference compared to the product just described is obviously in the expected interest rate. This solution is in fact aimed at all those who are interested in seizing opportunities from any profitable movements of the financial markets. In the event that market rate declines occur, with Credit Variabile di UriBank it will be possible to obtain savings on the total cost of the loan. Also in this case it is possible to use the ” Salto Rata ” service, which is very useful, for example, in the event that in a certain month you need to face an unexpected expense. There are no differences regarding the amount that can be requested, between € 200 and € 75,000, and the duration, which goes from 12 months to 120 months.

Credit Relax

Credit Relax represents the personal loan of UriBank offered exclusively to Social Institute pensioners. The type of financing offered by the company is the so-called transfer of the fifth of the pension, which you have probably already heard of. This is the best solution for all retired people looking for a sum of money to carry out any project. The main feature of Credit Relax is to provide for light installments, which can not exceed one fifth of the net pension received. This means that in any case the cost of the monthly payment will not excessively affect the budget available to you for the entire month. Considering that the duration of the loan ranges from a minimum of 24 months to a maximum of 120 months, the amount that can be requested will depend on the net pension received by the customer: by dividing this amount by 5 you get the maximum payment that can be set for reimbursement.

Another advantage of Credit Relax is the convenience of reimbursement, which will be carried out automatically by Social Institute. In addition, UriBank is part of the credit institutions affiliated with Social Institute, so pensioners can obtain an extremely advantageous economic treatment by choosing this solution. In particular, the interest rate will be fixed and will depend on the age of the applicant. For customers up to 59 years a 5.90% Tan is foreseen, for the age group between 60 and 64 years a Tan 7.10% is foreseen, from the 65 years to the 69 years a Tan 7 is expected, 80%, from the age of 70 to 74 years a Tan 8.50% is expected, from the age of 75 to the age of 79 a Tan 9.20% is expected, and finally, from the age of 80 to the age of 85, and a Tan 12.90 %. It should be noted that the bands listed above refer to the customer’s age at the end of the reimbursement.

Credit Fifth

The last UriBank personal loan option is the Credit Pamto. This type of financing is practically the same that we have just analyzed, with the difference that it refers to employees. So it is a transfer of the fifth of the salary. As seen in the previous paragraph, also in this case the amount that can be requested will depend on the net salary received and the duration chosen for the loan. The repayment plan can have a duration ranging from 24 months to 120 months, and the payment of installments will be made directly by the customer’s employer. As for the interest rate, this will be fixed and will depend on the type of worker making the request for funding. In particular, a 6.80% Tan is applied to employees of State Administrations or Public Bodies, while 9.90% Tan is applied to employees of Pre public Companies or Private Companies.

How to request a payday loan estimate from UriBank: online payment calculation


If you are undecided about which formula is best suited to your needs, then the best thing to do is undoubtedly to proceed with a request for a quote. You can do it for free through the company’s website, registering and accessing the customer area. To make the calculation of the monthly repayment installment that you will have to face, what you will have to do will be to first choose the product, among those described above, to which you are interested.

The additional data that you will have to enter in order to simulate your loan will be the purpose of the loan, the desired amount and the duration in which to make the repayment. If you are not yet a UriBank customer, do not worry: you can request an estimate from a bank branch, by making an appointment via the website on the date and at the time you prefer, using the dedicated chat.

Let’s now look at an example of the differences between the different products available. We simulate the request for a loan for an amount of 13,000 euros, to be repaid in 120 months. By choosing the fixed rate option, the repayment installment will be 175.39 euros, with a Tan of 10.49% and a Taeg of 11.50%. With Variable Credit the Tan will be determined by the Euribor: at present a Tan of 8% and a Taeg of 8,76% are expected, which determine an installment of 157,76 euros. Finally, with the Always Light solution, the installment is the lightest (157.07 euros), with a Tan of 7.90% and a Taeg of 8.37%.



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